Thursday, 4 June 2009


In the future, people will undoubtedly spell future like that. I can see the way it's going already. The young people and their spelling, hey? I'm pretty surprised that they managed to resist calling Twitter 'Twytta'; but I guess that most Twitter users I know are well over twenty,so  there's no need. 

Anyway here is everyone's favourite and most radiant 'AWB' in the blogosphere's firmament, James, pictured in the process of rehearsing his opening speech for the said Futuregardens. Unlike the previous speech, of the gloriously pretty, slim, clad-in-crepe-de-chine Emilia Fox*, his contained the word 'amazing' a mere three times. 

Futuregardens was brill and I would like to go on about it at some length but I want to have a proper think about exactly what I'd like to write first. In the meantime, je vous embrasse tous. 

* I actually had to suppress a psychotic lesbian impulse to stroke her lovely hair as well. And shout "you can investigate my death anytime, Dr Nikki Alexander!" Honestly she is like an Oxford educated Barbie, only with lovely real skin like a replicant. 


Ryan said...

I think lesbian fantasies on a gardening blog should be one of the fork 'n monkey awards next year! You would be sure to win!


HappyMouffetard said...

A teeny, tiny bit weird. I look forward to hearing all about uture Gardens - hopefully some garden bloggers were able to go after your kindness in getting invites.

easygardener said...

I'm looking forward to visiting the gardens as they are fairly near to me. Perhaps it is just as well that the speeches will all be over by the time I get there ;-)

Julia said...

Ah, and I thought I might be able to get in quick with the first post-FG blog post. Sod it, I'll try tomorrow when I've sobered up after the two Very Large Margaritas I consumed when I got home...

Great to meet you at last.

Alice Joyce said...

Perhaps there will be an organized tour of said future gardens... anything FG on the web that those of us 'over here' might watch?

Alice Joyce said...

Scratch last comment. I've found the info.
California has a new show coming in fall: The Late Show Gardens: a theme addressing climate change, drought & sustainable practices & renewable resources. We shall see...

Zoë said...

You tease you!! I saw this had been posted up and whizzed over to see what had I missed out on yesterday (still kicking myself for not coming too).

James the Hat looks very pensive.

Photos please, lots and lots!

I got hold of a copy of the 2010 design brief, even had a deluded moment and thought about sending in a drawing. Then thought, 'who are you kidding'!

It'd be a good location for a Garden Blogger meet up?

Zoë xx

Anonymous said...

Oh dear
You said Brill.
I've just punished my dear H severely for saying
I'm liking this.
However, i have no power over you

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That's A-mazing! I wonder if she'd been in the States recently and watched too many product adverts by Billy Mays. (You can find videos of him on YouTube.)

patientgardener said...

I so wish I could have got the day off yesterday and come along. Will try harder next time. Looking forward to your post

emmat said...

I'm liking that!

The Garden Monkey said...


Average White Band?

Let's go round again!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.