Friday, 30 May 2008


Stalwart Swiftians won't fail to have noticed Joe's shift to summer headgear on Gardener's World this week - perhaps inspired by the Indiana Jones Fedora he sported at Chelsea.

We would like to throw down a challenge. If any of the other contenders for the Gardener's World Election honestly think they would look better than Joe in a Panama Hat, let them try their luck! We'll be waiting!

Except for maybe that Matthew Wilson. He would probably look better. Maybe not him.


Zoƫ said...


I recokon Carol would look pretty natty in a Panama too

::: flees

Lottie said...

That nice Mr Wilson would suit this much better than a Panama ( not my photo I hasten to add!

VP said...

Wheeee - I'm included in a poll! I'd sound a bit muffled wearing a balaclava though - I could speak through a knight's helmet though if the visor was up. With a pert panama on top, naturally

emmat said...

Lottie, we can't see your outfit of choice! Repost the link, but put the HTML tag before it for a weblink - which is triangular brackets, with a letter "a" in it. Then after the link, put triangular brackets again, but with the symbol "/a" in. This will make it clickable for us...
Yours in Joeness, Emma

emmat said...

I've worked it out!

Lottie said...

I have to vote for Joe too emmat - and he also has my support/sympathy about rotovating his allotment, I did the same thing - TWICE! LOL!

Back at ya in Joeness, Lottie

Crass Breadsaw said...

Hey Lottie

Shouldn't you be supporting the Chris Beardshaw campaign! Shame on you.

That Colin Firth looks a bit wet in the piccie too and I don't just mean the shirt!