Saturday, 31 May 2008


Here at Swift HQ we are becoming increasingly concerned about the support being given to the Wilson candidature.

Anyone with eyes can see why votes could be cast for Wilson. He's a veritable hottie. And, we have to admit, he knows his stuff.

But let's think about the long-term implications of a Wilson victory. It is literally impossible to concentrate when he is on TV.

Now admittedly, some gardeners are male, and a percentage of these will be immune to the "Wilson Effect".

What about the fairer sex though? I foresee summers of untied-in sweet peas, un-pricked-out seedlings, and borders going entirely unmulched as the female nation swoons over Wilson, failing to heed any of his helpful garden advice.

Dear readers, let me urge you:

A Vote for Wilson is A Vote for Not Concentrating.
A Vote for Wilson is A Vote For Horticultural Disaster.
Vote Swift!


Zoƫ said...

Here here! Well said that women!

He looks even more gorgeous in that picture; thoughtful, intelligent, brooding, masterly, (swoons) and he has the height so many lack too, Johnny Depp move over.

Lottie said...

Sighs.....who's Johnny Depp?

Crass Breadsaw said...

The nicest things come in the smallest packages. I speak from experience....

How can you trust a man who has put his career before his cats! The man's a cad!

VP said...

Emma - it gets worse with every picture I see, that man is veritable eye candy. I find it's the same with Cleve West too.

Perhaps balaclavas are the way to go after all?

The Garden Monkey said...

How dare you use the phrase Horticultural Disaster in the same sentence as Matthew Wilson.

The phrase sits far better with The Hoochie Couchie Man.

TinyC said...

Just Dreamy has my vote!

Lottie said...

The Sock has started a Beardshaw for Berryfields campaign ( or is it Berryshaw for Beardfields??)!!! Watch out for pink Dahlias!

Dizzy said...

Give me the eye candy any day, I know how to garden!

Matthew, or Cleve, or both (is that just greedy?)

If I can't have either, then my vote is for Carol, a vote for the older woman!

Obelixx said...

Having Swifty as the lead presenter on GW would certainly be very green - all that electricity saved as the nation's gardeners turn off their TV!

We need someone with sound horticultural qualifications and experience combined with communication skills that can inspire, enthuse and inform everyone from complete beginners to expert amateurs and professionals. Looks don't matter but a sense of humour would be a fine attribute rather than being the joke that Swifty has become with his allotment and his rosemary and the throw away jasmine and that shed roof and......