Saturday, 21 March 2009


So I managed somehow this week to avoid noticing the absolutely remarkable news that the ten thousandth visit had been made to this top-quality blog.

This is really amazing to me and I can't quite believe it. It makes me feel really happy!

I would like to thank totally all of you who have ever visited for putting up with all the twaddle and for not commenting too joyously every time service is interrupted.

To acknowledge my starting inspiration in this endeavour, and the guiding light who keeps me going even through the darkest hours, I am posting this tribute picture from my own collection. Which i may have ahem customised slightly.

i would also like to thank VP, the Garden Monkey, James A-S, Arabella Sock, Alex from Shedworking, Victoria, Zoe, Matthew Wilson, Yolanda, Pete Free, Lila, Karen the artist, the constant gardener, Anonjan, Esther, Julia, Colleen, Jane P, everyone else who comments on the blog, and everyone who sent their stuff in for the fĂȘte, which was incredibly exhausting but also really fun. Pur-lease don't make me do it again this year.



VP said...

Yee hah, hurrah!!!!!!

The pleasure's been all mine Emma, long may you continue :)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Who-hoo - well done you.

Ummm - about the fete - I have just started off 1000000 dahlias in an attempt to wrest the "SR look alike flower arranging trophy" from whoever it was who won it last year.

Are you sure there wont be one this year it was such fun.
K - the artist

Victoria said...

Wow, congratulations. But it's not surprising - this is a great blog. Love, Vxx

Arabella Sock said...

I always see your blog as the central hub of garden blogworld so even if you don't post it still has a life of it's own! (Apologies actually that 50% of your visitors may well be me!)

Whaddya mean you're not doing another virtual show this year!!!!

Alex said...

Always a pleasure to pop along here. Why you haven't won an award for it is beyond me.

patientgardener said...

Congratulations on your 10k visitor - think a few of them was me.
I better get those Dahlias growing I dont want Karen pinching the SR trophy off me or was that the scones I won - ha ho.

The Garden Monkey said...
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The Garden Monkey said...

Mwah!! You've been Mahhh-vellous dahling, Mahh-vellous!

Now where's the champers?

The Constant Gardener said...

congratulations! long may you continue. I never knew you went in for quite that shade of lipstick :D

James A-S said...

Emma T, Emma T, riding through the glen
Emma T, Emma T with her 10,000 men(and women)
Feared by the bad, Loved by the (quite) good
Emma T, Emma T, Emma T

emmat said...

is it another reference to my grandad and his theme music? He wrote that one as well!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Woot! 10,000 !!! Well done you! Can't say I'm surprised, you have a great blog so many want to visit it.

BTW You are going to host another virtual show this year, won't you? ;-)

HappyMouffetard said...

Can we start a petition on the downing street website to demand Emsworth Show II - the sequel? Congrats on the 10,000, Emma.

emmat said...

thanks to all for comments. it's very nice. I have a post-birthday/finishing book-writing chaos resolution to do better at blogging. Mainly because I miss all of your chit chat. xxxxx

emmat said...

ps re fĂȘte, i will try to think of some way to do it where it is less work. See if i just emailed people the log in, they could alter it.? or something? adding all those photos was just taking me so long every day!

VP said...

Make it a team blog - like my open garden was before I launched it fully on the world last year, remember?

And isn't it your birthday very sooooooooon? :)

Anonymous said...

We all log in because you are a little precious being, and great fun.
and for guinea-pup pics of course.
Who's your grandad then?
that bloody tune has been going round in my head for hours.
I may start singing soon..
And our comments are not chit chat - they are serious and incisive observances
See above

Arabella Sock said...

A team Village show is a great idea. I'll volunteer to run the Coconut Shy!

Juliet said...

My wv is merie, which seems apt.

Congratulations on your ten thousandth visitor ... do you know who it was? Do they win a prize?

I can't remember what I won a prize for in last year's fete, but it was something nefarious. Perhaps if we can have a team fete this year I can redeem myself.

colleen said...

We must have that village show, Emma. I'll be on the gate taking the money.

matthew wilson said...

Splendid news, even if this blog did start life backing the wrong horse. Here's to many more happy posts - and a re-start to SHMGW too? xx

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Team blog for the village show - cool,

or James could have it on his blog - because you can upload attachments to a .mac site!!!

emmat said...

really karen? that's exactly what we need! I am going ot look into it. possibly by bombarding James with emails (:-)

no i am going to ... because that might be perfect, and i do have a mac so i think that entitles me to rule the .mac sites.

Excitement at the thought of a DIY show!

James A-S said...

You got a comment from Matthew Wilson.
I haven't seen a comment from His Nibs for ages.
I thought he had either emigrated, been evicted from Blogland for gratuitous public nudity or somebody had locked him in their hall cupboard for their private use.

emmat said...

he is the top nibs and his comments are like gold dust, it actaully cost me in the region of £134,000 in Romanian money to get him to write that because of how hoity toity he has become since his tv series