Saturday, 23 May 2009


So I happened to be driving back from my boyfriend's this afternoon at 4.30pm and had completely forgotten about the bloomin' Chelsea Flower Show... but seeing everyone spilling out with their amazing purchases made me screech to a halt and start taking photos! 

(You can click on these and see them bigger if you are of a nosy persuasion)

It really made me want to go to breakdown next year. 

This lady was my favourite - sorry it's a bit blurred but technically I was supposed to be driving. Look at the delphiniums on that! 

There were people all along the Embankment right the way to Churchill Gardens estate in Pimlico, all clambering back onto their coaches with bags and bags of plants. Several people carrying entire standard fuchsia trees that must have been I think 6 foot tall.... Why wouldn't you take them back to your nursery, if you'd grown them, for next year? I'm amazed. 

Anyway, stuck in traffic on the Embankment, it definitely made my afternoon to see them all strolling by, with the kind of smug expression you see on the face of someone who thinks they have got a very good bargain. 


easygardener said...

I've never been to the dismantling day. Do you get in free after a certain time? It might lead me to a frenzy of unsuitable plant buying - that wouldn't be good.

colleen said...

My mum and her sisters always used to be very disparaging about people who did their shopping as the markets closed. Killjoys - nothing like a last minute bargain.

Zoƫ said...

I am not brave enough to go to the break down day, I find the crowds a bit overwhelming on the first members morning, let alone the madness of the sell off! Just thinking about it brings me out in a cold sweat!

emmat said...

Frenzied unsuitable plant buying is something I too am definitely trying to avoid. Am still trying to decide where to put the two plus two free! daturas I ordered in some fit of insanity about a month ago. honestly! If they grow even a little bit as much as the last lot I had, there will be no room left!

Everyone looked very happy about last minute bargains. I like the fact that Chelsea starts off all classy and ends in a bunfight. Very English, In My Opinion.

Ryan said...

Those Delphimium's are massive!!!