Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Sorry for the duff photo I just took it quickly on my phone. 
But listen!
These are my seed trays of broad beans and edamame, along with a few Hurst Green Shaft on the (very, very enthusiastic) recommendation of Mark 'Veg Patch' Diacono. 

I just took off the lids because I've been doing it about, as usual, three times a day, to see if anything's sprouted yet (yes, pretty much since about half an hour after I sowed them).

But just now I took the lid off and noticed something I'd never experienced before. PLEASE someone else tell me it's happened to them. 

None of the plants is up yet, but because they've got a lid on them (first year ever) there was trapped underneath, just momentarily, the most fugitive, amazing, delicate smell of peas. 

What about that then? 

Even though they are only seeds just germinating. They still have 'pea-ness'. Oops i hadn't really thought how that might sound out loud. Oh well, opportunity for some more gags on the part of the smutty downmarket section of commenters

I definitely haven't imagined it because I just went back and did it again and I can really smell it. 


(honestly this time of year is like vegetable heaven isn't it?)


Anonymous said...

You are now officially a member of PEAFANATICSRUS.
A small and select group, admittance by invitation only.
Just you and me so far, but who knows?
Well done, that girl!

emmat said...

I am very glad about this. I have got a baby pumpkin today as well!

Lia Leendertz said...

i have actually sown the Hurst Green Shaft i have had in the seed box for a couple of years purely because of that interview you did with Marc Diacono! But sadly i sowed them in the greenhouse, in gutters, a la Raven, so havent had this pleasure. i might go and fight my way through the sea of seedlings in the morning and give them a sniff.
i am not going to rise to the temptation for smut.

colleen said...

Deeply impressed. Who would have thought it.

Mark D said...

Oh the joyous smell of marvellous! Apologies, unlike Lia i couldnt resist. Went to the wrong schools clearly. Never had that pleasure you describe but Im going to sow some in the morning and cover them and wait for the whiff!

You growing any for pea tips too?