Wednesday 9 December 2009


Some more Tiger Woods News for those who haven't had enough already. It made me laugh, anyway.


James A-S (as played by Maureen Lipman) said...

Two months.
Two months she's been away.
She didn't phone, she didn't write, she didn't blog.
For all we knew she could have been abducted by aliens or joined a cult.
But did she care? oh, no.
And now, finally, she breezes back in without a care in the world and all she gives us is a lousy (though admittedly quite entertaining) link.
It just isn't good enough.
No "hello" no "I missed you" no "Sorry for being away so long"

*Bustles off muttering*

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

(chortle) - I am laughing at James's comment.
Hi Emma :)
Good link

Rob said...

*Laughing at James's comment*

Congrats! I also hope for some witty blog posts, what with the time off work you're getting.


VP said...


Oh God Emma, I've been planning an in-depth article on this very topic for months and you scoop me in seconds flat just by giving everyone a link for them to find out for themselves :(

I can't quite understand why James is taking his bustle off though ;)

Nice to see you back, come back again soon?

emmat said...

Time off work! TIme off work!! I wish

Anonymous said...

Did you see the rave review for Darwin's Dogs on Shedworking. My, but that Alex has a great site there.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The article is inaccurate. I have never seen a Spruce available here in Illinois for $1, unless it was one of those stupid little seedlings the Arbor Day people give away. Female Cottonwoods and other dioecious trees are also valued lower because we Americans can't stand our trees making a mess & seeding about. I think the male trees should be valued lower because they're responsible for polluting the air with all that horrible, allergy-inducing pollen. But nobody asked for my opinion.
BTW, who is Maureen Lipman?

Carrie said...

*Laughing at James too*
Wouldn't say it exactly rocked my nation but it was very interesting to know a female gingko's flowers smell like vomit, that's for sure.

Rob said...

Good grief, I haven't put my foot in it again?

NewShoot said...

Hugs and welcome back Emma!

I love the expression 'trunk formula method' - although it has triggered the tune of 'Nelly the Elephant' to start tootling through my brain.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

James wears a bustle? But now he's taking it off? The mind boggles!

Welcome back Emma and thanks for the link, made me laugh, always a bonus.

LittleGreenFingers said...

About bloody time! I have been remembering fondly that balmy month of May when we were treated to 14 posts. Yes, that's right 14! And what did poor November warrant. ZERO. I personally think this is a case of monthism and I am seriously considering reporting you to the blogging ombudsman OMBLOG. There - you have been warned!

Lila Das Gupta said...

Welcome back and good luck with the incubating. Propagation is something all garderns should practice.
Lovely pics by the way.

Lila Das Gupta said...

... meant to say gardeners!
This gardener needs specs....

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Thanks for your comment on mine. I have been up way too long waiting for my bread to bake (yes, I know, don't put in it at 11.30, that's so obvious) so am off to bed. will be back to see if you managed to soothe JAS.

Simon said...

Hey Emma nice to see you back

Juliet said...

So where have you been then?

Mr McGreggor's Daughter - Maureen Lipman is an actor who, despite a long and successful career on stage and screen, is best known for a series of adverts for a phone company in which she played a stereotypical Jewish mother - I think James was thinking of this one.

Stone Art's Blog said...

poor tree, dose it not get any counseling or anything, for its traumatic experience, im sure Tiger can fork out for one of those as-well!

Lisa said...

Ginko fruit does smell like vomit.

Annelie said...

Very interesting link and read. Never knew there were tree apraisers. Hope they don't ever have to come to my garden. And the same goes for Mr. Woods.
As a Swede, I am for sure on Team Elin's side.

Your earlier post on planting (probably too many bulbs) in a pot for spring, reminded me that I keep meaning to try this. I shall visit that link you give after this comment.