Thursday, 23 October 2008


Bit mournful here as my grandma's brother died in hospital overnight. He was 93, very jolly, and will be sadly missed. 

But here's one to cheer almost everyone up. Remember the pups? Yup this is the one my mum and my brother kept, in his latest portrait, by mon frère Joe T. 

He's called Cash after Johnny. They now have Cash and Bo, so my god she can start herself a Mississippi spaniel blues band in a minute. 


Anonymous said...

So sorry - I know 93 is good but it still leaves a huge gap in the whole families' lives.
Re grown up smart boy guinea pup, - what a handsome chap!
Did I tell anyone that my 3 new kittens were called Tammy, Wyn and Etta in a moment of madness?
well, in our defence the Mum was already called Tammy.
At least the vets remember us
(and we are not country fans, but Etta is a good blues name)

VP said...

Sorry about your great uncle Emma. When they get to that age it really feels like they're going to go on forever.


emmat said...

anonjan - What a weird coincidence about the kitten names! Everyone is going for those rocking country baby names.
VP - yup go on forever - it's funny that when someone has lived that long it seems less likely that they will die not more. I think my grandma hasn't quite properly taken it in yet. Poor her. She had a very up and down childhood (her mum wasn't married and her dad was married to someone else) and her brother was the last security blanket link to all that.

colleen said...

I'm sorry for your family's loss. Seems to me you lose a little bit of yourself when someone you love dies. Lots of comfort is in order.

Esther Montgomery said...

People dieing is disconcerting as well as grief-bringing. It is as if something isn't quite right, even though we know it is - in the sense that we know this is what happens.

I wish the puppy would form a band. Not a sweet little band - but a proper rock one, wearing dark glasses. His ears would look great, swinging around to the rhythm.

(He just doesn't look the country sort.)

(Not even Johny Cash . . . whose music I surprise myself by loving.)


Anonymous said...

Great idea
The three kittens are in a backing line, as we speak, singing
Papa was a rolling stone.....
I think they may mean that papa was a roving Tom, but I haven't explained that to them yet.
Who shall we have on drums?

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I hope if I live to be 93, people will refer to me as "jolly." (I seriously doubt it.) How wonderful that you had your great-uncle for such a long time.
I'm a sucker for pup photos. I just can't resist their sweet little faces. I love puppies, especially when they're someone else's. So when are they going to get a pup & name it BB (King) or Buddy (Guy)?

Victoria said...

I'm sorry you feel sad, and I'm glad you've got such lovely memories of your great-uncle.
Love the puppy pic: what a cute boy he is.