Thursday, 20 November 2008


Coming to you live and direct from the Garden Media Guild Awards in London this evening, we are delighted to report that James Alexander-Sinclair finally got an award to call his own after literally decades of complaining that he wasn't getting enough attention, after the Guild specially and secretly created a new "Digital Blog" award just for him.*

Well not quite just for him. But anyway. 

However celebrations soon turned to shenanigans as the identity of one of the other shortlisted blog came into question. Whilst Jane Perrone's Horticultural was rightly given plaudits for long service and entertaining debates on how to kill weeds with Coca-Cola, when the name "Gardeners World blog" flashed up in the arena to be applauded by literally thousands of exciteable blog fans, it soon became clear that no one actually knew WHICH Gardeners World blog they meant. 

Blog editors Camilla at one end of the room and Abbie at the other both primed themselves for a scuffle. And in fact we believe here at Baklava Shed that the award was in fact really intended for our very own Slightly Homemade Gardeners World. 

We have therefore demanded an immediate recount, as we suspect the judges of having fixed the results simply because our middle-class hoity-toity veg are too posh for them. We hypothesise that flea-bitten pak choi phobia may have led them to blacklist Slightly Homemade Gardeners World, thus stymying our chances of ever claiming our crown as the "true" Gardeners World website. We'll get them back though! We are going to take our revenge in the best way we know how: by just having really, really good punctuation.

*And they gave him £250 nicker!


aspidistra said...

Yeah, kill 'em with commas, go girl, go!

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for James Alexander Sinclair and Blogging from Blackpitts. Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray. Hip-hip hooray!

The other highlight of the day was shoes. Did you notice how women were wearing what Germaine Greer would call f***-me shoes? Obviously a reaction to wearing wellies most of the time.
I was enormously impressed by your own footwear, a very fetching and foxy digression from your normal flip-flops. I was about to take a picture of your feet on JAS's camera, but suddenly you were gone. I had to make to with snapping Carol Klein, who had come in a sassy red pair straight out 'Come Dancing'. Clearly John Sergeant is affecting her psyche more than she realises.

Lila Das Gupta said...

That was me, Lila, in the last comment!

emmat said...

thank you for the shoepliments, I lap them up.

themanicgardener said...

It's when you drag out the big guns, semi-colons and (gulp) colons, that they'll drop like flies. The fools, don't they know what they've done?