Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I just realised that I missed the fact that I had got to 100 posts! I send you all a fairy cake to celebrate. In more statistical record-breaking (possibly influenced by the Olympics although I would never admit it) I worked out today whilst doing a complete photo hard drive backup that I have visited 40 gardens so far this year. 

I am allowing myself to count repeat visits to the same garden, as I definitely see different things each time. I've also counted a couple of parks where I took a guidebook and went specifically to see a landscape. 

(I haven't counted anything worky at Kew because I am there at least once a week doing volunteer guided tour stuff.) 


Hmm, pretty lazy huh? But factor in the weekly three mile hike round the RBG. 

Pashley Manor Tulip Festival
Great Dixter, East Sussex
Greenwich Park
Ham House

Oxford Botanic Garden for Euphorbias
Coombe House, Devon
Killerton, Devon
Chiswick House, W4
Beth Chatto Gardens Essex
Hampton Court
Hyde Park
OBG again
Kew Green Gardens open for NGS

Brize Norton Open Gardens for NGS
Canary Wharf Millenium Park
Thames Barrier Park
Oxford Botanic Garden
Wisley again
City Gardens tour including New Street Square,
Postmans’ Park
Arabella Lennox-Boyd’s roof garden for no 1 Poultry for a sunset drink
Selbourne, Hants
Blackpitts, Worcs

Hampton Court (again)
Oxford Botanic Garden (again, 4th time)
Broughton Grange, Oxon
Hampton Court (for a third time)
National Botanic Garden of Wales
Architectural Plants, Horsham
Denmans, Sussex
Magdalen College, Oxford
Rousham, Oxon
Stowe, Bucks

Hyde Hall, Essex
Kew (for fun, not work, so that counts)

It's fairly interesting to me how many of these are repeat visits. I would have thought looking back that I'd been to quite a few new ones, but an awful lot seem to be old favourites. 

My Top Ten (seeing as we're doing medal-podium-type thinking)
in no order, except that GD probably does come top:

Great Dixter
Hyde Hall
Oxford Botanic Garden
Architectural Plants (little valley garden)
Thames Barrier Park
No1 Poultry (quality of the experience probably swaying me here) 
Beth Chatto 
Lovely, lovely Kew 

Upcoming highlights: 
Victoria's Garden, the 31st. Yum Yum. Maybe Chatsworth, middle of next week. Savill Garden Plant Fair on the 30th, possibly. Jekka's herb farm, the 29th, again possibly. 7th September, Meon Orchard, Hampshire. 24th September Bury Court Plant Day. 

Dream Date: 
Northern Yorkshire - I have never been to Fountains Abbey, Duncombe, Castle Howard, or Scampston, in fact, you name it, I've never been there. That's the next really big thing I want to go and do. 

The picture is the big herbaceous border in one of my most visited gardens this year, Oxford Botanic. 


VP said...

Congrats on reaching 100!

I've got serious garden envy now.

I'm hoping to go to Jekka's on the 29th too...

Alex said...

North Yorkshire is the ancient homeland of the JOhnsons (ma and pa Johnson still reside in sunny York) so would be delighted to help out with travel plans. My family lived on a farm in Stamford Bridge for 300 years before going wild and moving 100 yards down the road to take over the pub for the next 300.

emmat said...

Wow- that would be so cool if we could finally meet up!

Alex, you want to be careful with a family history like that, I'm sure you could suddenly just one day turn, with that sort of genetic inheritance.