Friday, 29 August 2008


Sometimes you have to take a break from fighting crime. Inspector Barnaby a.k.a Jim Berjerac told me that. Sorry I didn't do SHGW last week but I honestly had been led to believe we were expecting the Darce onscreen and that therefore there was no need for me. Anyway I notice that this week on Gardeners World Proper we are getting an hour of Sarah Raven, so I felt compelled to provide some light entertainment for those who find Dr Raven's all-encompassing skills just, well, slightly frightening

Here at Baklava we take a rather more Girls Aloud approach to horticulture. This is not to say that when we find something as cool as a slowworm at the allotment we start shrieking. Well, okay, we start shrieking. But really, really quietly. We don't want to scare it!

And then we run and get the phone to take pics. Anyway, well done the Beloved for spotting it, in twilight conditions, whilst being made to toil on the soil in a way he probably wasn't expecting when he graduated from St Martins. I love slowworms and hadn't seen one in Ealing for ten years so it was a big Augusty thrill. Did you know the latin name is Anguis fragilis? Sounds like me after a stressful week. 

However this week would not qualify - I have had a really nice time, especially doing lots of neatening up at my allotment, trimming paths and squaring up beds, which I find deeply satisfying in some anal way I can't quite explain. Basically Alys is my idol and as far as the allotment goes, I just ask myself, WWAD

I have also been this week to Jekka's Herb Farm with Veg Plotting (more later) and have started making a cake for Victoria's Open Garden; and I went to the best village show ever (only in real life, obviously) and was waylaid from the tombola by none other than Lila das Gupta (it was a very top class type of show). But first, my supernatural meeting on Monday with William Lobb. Pretty surprising given that he's been dead since 1864


emmat said...

Can i just add as a postscript that I LOVED La Raven last night I thought the whole thing was compleeeetely beautiful and now I want her to come round my house and make a flower river flow

Arabella Sock said...

In Monty Don's article in yesterday's Granudian (which you have doubtless read by now) there is a bit where a slow worm enters his kitchen. Isn't it weird how these things suddenly enter the group consciousness. You don't hear about slow worms for years and then suddenly two come along together!

emmat said...

It's the time of yeeeeeaaaarrrr for it, country ways, my lover, country ways