Friday, 1 August 2008


I have worked the most ridiculous hours this week, making my twenty-hour-day blogging photos from Hampton Court after being there at 7am look like a true cakewalk. 

I don't know what was wrong with me, but I turned up in Oxford to teach slightly ill prepared and not in the right frame of mind. Then, everything I touched the entire week broke. Keys got left in the wrong building, digital projectors wouldn't project, my bike got a mysterious puncture, and real old-fashioned transparencies turned themselves upside down and back-to-front in the projector. I seriously discussed the possibility that somebody hexed me. If you are doing it, please stop.

However, even in a really hard week, there will always be a couple of moments of unalloyed happiness. (I hope so, anyway.) One of mine this week was seeing these cherries. Cherries! Bugger the rowan berries appearing in every hedgerow. Bring on the cherries!

Most joyful of all the cherries were trained in spirals around this totally brilliant dovecote. I think the only term sufficient to all of this is "wicked", but if you can think of some better description let me know. 

Please also feel free to report here on any other significant garden developments this week which do not signify the imminent arrival of autumn. 


kit cat said...

You should live in Scotland. A lady from there was saying last night that she still has Sweet Williams flowering!

VP said...

Oh dear I've blown it. In my defence it's been a scheduled post for a few days and it got published this morning before I could get in here...