Friday, 15 August 2008


In the last few weeks I've been discovering the delights of Google Reader, which allows you to have most people's blogs feed into a single page, using the wondrous powers of RSS. I no longer have to trawl round to see if my faves have done new posts, as all the new stuff is collected in one place (sorry if you discovered this like ten years ago, to me it was a total find). There are a few blogs like Garden Monkey's which I haven't yet worked out how to include, but in general it's really good, and actually it's encouraging me to read more widely I think. 

One webpage I've added to the feed is the Telegraph's gardening, which I would like to think I checked regularly; but it's great to have all the new pieces highlighted. This morning they seem to have posted the content of the entire weekend's gardening supplement 24 hours before it's available in the shops, so for once the web wins over the real newspaper. 

However, there's not a single word by Sarah Raven! Is this a record? 

Instead the supplement seems to have gone slightly bonkers (is editor Kylie away?). There is some hilarious allotment advice from Cleve (crouch down and hide in the bushes when people who talk too much come past),  some slightly perplexing pot advice from Bunny G (use ones that don't have bottoms) and some Son of Rambo self-harming pruning advice from Mateus W (don't bother with gloves so... you can feel closer to nature). 

Were they all on a dare? 


Posh spice said...

Ha ha ha ha! You forgot to add that Cleve also advises pretending to have a mobile phone argument with your other half to scare unwanted chatterers away! I can't stop laughing.

emmat said...

When it got to that bit i had to check it wasn't april, i actually had to do a little run-through in my head to be sure it was august

VP said...

Unfortunately crouching down in the bushes is a complete failure when it comes to Mr Allotment Warden. He still comes and finds you - and then stands in silence for absolutely AGES!

emmat said...

No wonder, if you are hiding in the bushes.