Monday, 4 August 2008


If any of you occasionally stray from the straight and narrow and consult the newspaper website known around these parts only as Like Ours But Better you may already be familiar with the book-related writings of dishy Sam Jordison. Sam invented the book "Crap Towns", which I find heartening in itself, but he is now working on a blog that I think we could all find inspirational. 

Sam is aiming to collect readers' suggestions of all the things we should not bother doing before we die, in a vague effort to counteract the tonnage of paper spent each week persuading us of "30 things to do before you are 30" etc etc etc. 

He's looking for suggestions of films that aren't worth seeing, places that aren't worth travelling to, and experiences that really were not worth the effort of having them. 

Check it out and add your own suggestions; but NB: Sam does not tackle the vexed question of whether all 1001 Gardens in the recently published volume on the subject actually deserve to be seen before you and I croak. Perhaps Sam reckons that gardens can be crossed off the list of bothering with, wholesale.  

So now I'm intrigued. Are there gardens you've been to which were not worth the petrol money let alone the expensive cream tea? Dish the dirt and in return I'll reveal where I had to endure conversation about the owl mobile pictured above. 


patientgardener said...

Cant think of a garden at the moment but have left a comment on Sam's site about books not to read - looked sad with no comments on it.

Sam Jordison said...

I had to click through to see what a site called Baklava Shed Coalition is like... And I like it. Especially the Saturday Morning Shed Spot... Bliss. Thanks for the link (and thanks for the comment patientgardener)

All comments are most appreciated at this stage in my site's (slow!) development... Am hoping to get some publicity soon, but the more on the site beforehand the better...

Also! 1,001 gardens looks like hard work... Do feel free to comment on that somewhere on It's sadly bereft of horticultural material at the moment.

[Hmmm... Apologies if this comment appears three times... Am having trouble working my wordpress widget]

JamesA-S said...

Let this be a warning to all of you who spend their days seeking out gardens and tea rooms.