Friday, 1 August 2008


Ah, of course SHGW wouldn't be complete without some sort of feature on Matthew Wilson; except in the weeks when mentioning him is banned. Anyway, this week reporting restrictions have been lifted and I'm pleased to be able to bring you this amazing lookalikeness in connection with Garden Monkey's appeal for football managers who represent Real-Life Gardeners' World presenters. Compare it to the photo on the post below!! See, honestly, they could so be related. Apart from MW has got all that lovely hair. All the better to annoy JAS with.

(What I would really like to know is where Arabella Sock finds her amazing range of photos of TV gardening stars. I can only ever find the same three pictures. Is there some sort of Google trick? Perhaps looking beyond page one of the results might be a good idea.)


posh spice said...

The real test would be Alf Ramsey's attitude to stag beetles. Can you find out?

Anyway, whatever, I definitely would.

emmat said...

Thank you for keeping it clean. For once.

Arabella Sock said...

Tee hee! I have a full team of garden celeb stalkers who send me photos of them!

I am so pleased you posted another Homemade Gardener's world the TV one was somewhat unengaging last night apart from JAS.