Friday, 8 August 2008


This week's issue is brought to you slightly smaller than usual; but the good news is I have managed to organise the Emsworth Village Show site - which had been a bubbling rumour for some weeks now - so that's there now for your perusal. (Though don't look at Arabella's chilli until you are really ready. It is genuinely rude.)

In the meantime here is a photo of me lost at Stowe. We drove the buggy the wrong way. Hee hee! While I worked out how to get back on track, my "immobile" comrades headed off onto the out-of-bounds golfcourse to see if they could get hit round the head by white projectiles. The immobile, eh? What can you do with them. I didn't actually ride in the buggy, I went ahead waving the red flag and shouting "beware, the Damon Hill of mobility car drivers is on their way down to the Elysian Fields!". In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if you could have heard some of the painful yells as unsuspecting visitors were tossed into the bushes, from Blackpitts. A top day was had by all. 

But in a brief round-up of exciting things that are happening this week, apart from the Olympics:

  • Two US scientists discovered how to store energy like a plant does! This is really great renewables news so of course merited publication on page 195 of all British newspapers. Sigh.
  • As a big fan of Garden and Gun, I was thrilled to find an interview with Tony Avent available on their website. He is such a law unto himself. And it shows that just occasionally I can find it in my heart to love a global warming denier. (Also can I just say I also love Beau Turner.)
  • Garden History Girl has been doing such a good job of writing about Chinese gardens at Olympics time that I have to urge you to get over there and have a look. My absolute favourite thing is the Listening to the Sound of Rain Pavilion. I think that's one of the most perfect ideas I've ever heard of. 
  • But what I would really like at the end of a long week is a Turkish tent. Can you get it for me? 


VP said...

In view of some of the links from GM this week and your own show categories, we could set up a blogging collective to knit you a Turkish tent as our next community project. OK?

R. Pete Free said...

Several years ago there was a Radio 4 programme which broadcast an interview with Sir Roy Strong from the Turkish Tent at Painshill - couldn't have asked for a more appropriate inhabitant!