Friday, 27 June 2008


God, there's no Gardeners' World! Stupid, stupid tennis. 

I thought I would have a slight sense of relief, but instead I'm already feeling a bit bereft and missing the normal anticipation as I wonder if Joe is going to do something random, how many times Carol can say a plant is absolutely smashing/gorgeous/beautiful, and how many times they can do a Monty Tribute Montage before someone complains. 

As the Baklava Shed Coalition recently voted itself "most suitable candidate to run Gardeners' World" (apart from the very few crazy votes that went to Matthew Wilson), I thought perhaps we should have a go at running it for ourselves for a couple of weeks and see how we get on. 

I'm going to do a few jobs for the week, and then report on my recent visit to the Carnations and Pinks Day at Wisley, where I saw some absolutely stunning members of this wonderful plant family (see I'm getting into it already!)....

(Press play on the music now, if you haven't already... )


VP said...

I think you've bagged the gig!

The Black Finger Nail said...

Carnations & Pinks whooopee!

I am a huge Princess Dianthus fan. I'll never forget that emotional Elton John tribute song "Sandals in Bin".

Actually I started growing them before Sarah Raven started flogging them as "this year's must". Admittedly , her "Froggy" is a good 'un.

I like to be ahead of fashion that's why I don't shop at Armani & Navy stores.

Anyway I have a load of French Oeillet de Sweet Williams seeds and the deepest marooon red jobbie HAS
converted me and the mad Scillian guy that drives his motorised wheelchair down our lane and oop my steep drive to comment on the state of my garden and the dead bloke next door on a Sunday afternoon....