Thursday, 5 June 2008


After Arabella Sock's fascinating revelations over on her interesting but electorally-misguided Beardblog, I can reveal that in the last ten minutes or so, taxonomic studies have turned up stunning new information for Wilsonologists.

In the past, the world of professional botanists had chosen to classify the two American Wilsons as part of a wholly different family to our domestic Wilson. Now gel electrophoresis suggests that the three are in fact much more closely related than previously thought. All three Wilsons can be proven by "DNA Barcoding", similar to that used by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, to have a close common ancestor no later than 1965.

The immediate implications of the gel junkies' decision, taken at the World Botanical Congress at Kew, will be that M. Wilson as of today, is reclassified into a family with Owen and Luke.

What possible film projects might result is anyone's guess, but it does seem to bode well for future small-screen efforts at the very least.


Lisa said...

I've just come over to vote, directed by VP. Why can't I vote for Sarah Raven? She's my fave: very sensible and mumsy but with the most bizarre dress sense. Sulk.

Alex said...

Mumsy? I think she's rather enticing.

Of course the only real way to decide matters is a duel. How is Mr Swift at a counter-caveating parry do you think?

And where is the Elect Joe Swift merchandise? You'll never win this one without a decent T-shirt. Look at Obama. Smarter mugs, funnier hats, swankier desk calendars. No way Hillary was coming back from those knockdowns.

Lottie said...

Whats with all the votes for that nice Mr Wilson? Are all the men voting for him so that all the women are distacted on a Friday evening so they can slope off to the pub?????

Vote Joe! (waves banner for Joe)

VP said...

In the interest of balance, I'm glad to see my articles aren't enticing people to vote for me.

So there Mr GM! ;) I see we're at a draw in the stakes at the moment, does that mean we have to have a duel as well? Wet kipper anyone?

emmat said...

Lisa, I'm really sorry. I would change it if I could, but Blogger doesn't let you add names after the first person has voted. I'm really sorry.

It really only made sense to me after I found out she had been a doctor before turning to flowers. I think she has that incredible doctor grumpiness actually combined with total scary doctor efficiency.

Lisa said...

She absolutely does - you can imagine her getting really very narky indeed if you are a few minutes late (or if her flowers don't appear on schedule) yet at the same time being quite happy to turn up several days late herself.