Friday, 27 June 2008


Owing to popular feeling, we are declaring 30th June National Green Only Day. It is good timing - filling the "Green Gap" between June flowers finishing and dahlias getting going - but really the motivation is just to show off all the stuff that gets ignored on Bloom Day. 

See this Indyblogs post for more blogs who've done a green-only display - they're listing themselves in the comments, and more will add themselves over the weekend. 

Over there I've also issued the challenge of guessing from looking at my plants the only single-genus plant society I belong to. The prize is a year-old seedling of E.mellifera. Oops, I think I've given it away already. 


VP said...

It's the same genus that you've been using as a face peel recently ;)

emmat said...

yes and i noticed last night in the bath also an upper arm peel too.

VP said...

Ahhh Emma - I've now sat through the whole thing and have a nice green induced sense of tranquility.

Slideshows - I love 'em.

emmat said...

I think the secret of the palm tree is that it's really quite old now. I planted it when I first lived here, about 15 years ago (shocker) and it had two tiny leaves and no trunk. It was so sweet!

Also I planted loads of things round it and didn't care that it didn't get much sun, because it was protected during winter. I also think it benefits from being next to the compost heap. Hmm. I don't know what the secret of palm trees is. That one does always seem to be very happy though.

VP said...

Mine will appear magically tomorrow. I'll put a comment on ANGL then :D