Wednesday, 11 June 2008


After a long and hard-fought campaign, we have heard in the last few minutes that the final counted votes have gone against us. 

We therefore wish to acknowledge the election of Darcy Wilson, much as it pains us to do so. 

To show that we are good sports, we have had our plant breeding specialists working through the night, in the Swift For Sure Hybridisation Laboratories, to bring you a brand new Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora,  "Sir Matthew Wilson". 

We have also arranged for it to be on sale from this morning at several reputable nursery outlets. Described as "Vigorous, with big red flowers and staying power", we feel it exactly matches the man himself.  

And we're not bitter or anything, but it looks best planted with "Mephistopheles" and "Hellfire". 


VP said...

That was a lot of fun whilst it lasted Emma.

And tonight on Gardeners' World, there is proof that I'm not Carol Klein

astounded, W4 said...

It's not even made up! there's a real crocosmia called that!

patientgardener said...

In AG this week they say that one of the book makers has Chris Beardsaw as 2/1 to become the new presenter of GW. Maybe its the Chris Beardshaw fan club on the GW message board's fault. They also mentioned a couple of others not on your poll