Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I hope this photo satisfies Anonymous, who does seem to be quite strict. 

As further evidence, I attach my mum's weighing chart which has to be filled in every morning. It's an Excel spreadsheet, if you wanted any additional proof that we were taking the tininess of the pups seriously. The spreadsheet shows one pup, Xeena, who only weighed 100g when she was born - much tinier than the others - and also that she sadly died the next day. 

We think the pups were probably premature which is why they were quite so small, but they all seem to be doing okay now and their eyes are just opening.

 Vive les Chiens!


Anonymous said...

Thank you
I am quite strict.
That's a bloody big guinea pig for a Mum, isn't it?.
I've had guinea-pup anxiety and checked about 3 times already today for the pic!

emmat said...

Ah I know the feeling. My mum said that today two of them managed to get out the basket and crawl all the way to the other side of the room, leaving her convinced they had actually disappeared. She has now ordered a puppy playpen to come express delivery!

mateus rose said...

Avec des espoirs que tous chiots de se développer grand et fort dorénavant. Les chats ont besoin d'amour aussi.

Anonymous said...

Good Mum
Barbed wire and searchlights, as well I hope.
I just know I would be sitting there counting them every 2 minutes, too scared to go to the loo.
But then I'm strange as well as strict
(some people think)

emmat said...

Yeah alright Mazzer, ça suffit maintenant. You and your "dorénavant", what a show off. Tu me fait vomir, etc.

Anonymous said...

Tu me casses les pieds

emmat said...

I do normally only say someone makes me sick when they are
a) really really pretty (see for proof
b) in possession of much better French vocab than me.

I feel a bit sad now. It's weird how when you are yourself cheeky, you just feel like you're being cheeky, and then when someone else is, you go "ouch". Maybe I better stop.

matthew wilson said...

Emma, I confess - it's all a con. My French is shocking. If you want proof watch my ventures en Francias during the BBC Hampton Court coverage, where the charming Bruno rescued me on more than one occasion from several grande faux pas. I just have a good dictionary and had a bit of down time, that's all.
Don't induce vomit, your French is tres bon.

I feel rather ashamed now....

emmat said...

oh no, we all feel bad. I tell you what we need to cheer us up! A really nice big flower show!

Anonymous said...

You don't mean what I said, do you?
It's a bit of slang I learnt to stick in my French A-level!

emmat said...

Oh you did frighten me a bit. It sounds very cross. "You are winding me up" type thing. Tu me casse les bonbons is gentler, I think.

I think I am going a bit mental, though, so take no notice of me. I will now ferme ma guele.