Tuesday, 10 June 2008


In the olden days, if we wanted to keep warm at the allotment we burned tyres. 

These days, we'd be lucky to get away with setting alight old carpet. 

And at the garage last night buying some goods, I was demoralised to note how far the Wilson tentacles have spread. 

All other combustibles have been removed from sale, and my only option was to purchase possibly horribly contaminated real wood. 

Even I am now forced to admit the strength of support Matthew Wilson has garnered, through cheap, crowd-pleasing tactics such as "authoring prize-winning gardening books"and "praising nice community gardening schemes". 

However, before you elect him into power for the next four years, I would urge you to pause for thought - one last time. 

Do you really want a world in which we have to be careful with all the cute little baby hedgehogs, ladybird larvae and slimy jumping frogs that we find in the garden? Do you really want to be intimidated and victimised into utilising only real wood logs? Never to open a bag of John Innes No1 again without hearing the shrieking voices of the EcoBanshees wailing on about peat bogs? 

Think one more time before you set this future in stone, my friends: that is all I ask.


little hedgehog said...

Be nice, I'm only tiny

Arabella Sock said...

Tee hee! Little Hedgehog - that is exactly what Chris Beardshaw said to me!

Master Mollusc said...

Don't believe the hype. a) the hedghog looks enormous from down here, and b) it can eat like my entire generation of cousins in about an hour. It's not sweet. Let the hedgehogs rot in hell, I say.