Friday, 6 June 2008


Some very ungentlemanly comments have been made at the expense of our fine candidate, Mr Joe Swift.

We would like to say, in his defence, that he is, at the very least a gentleman.

He may be a clumsy Joe. 

He may be a man of many faults. 

He may even be a dope. 

But he is a nice and kind person who is willing to try new things without worrying that he looks like a dope. 

For us, that makes him entirely worthy of our vote. 


Fat Rascal said...

Interesting to note that the candidate without a campaign team behind him is ahead in the polls -off to see Sralan for some more training!

That nice gentleman Mr Wilson always brings to mind Austen, as does the name Emma! And we know what meddling in the affairs of others brought her, don't we?

Alex said...

That's a very slow time lapse of somebody singing.

The Garden Monkey said...

I hope that, whilst Matthew doesn't need a camapaign team (because he's the cat's pyjamas), my blog is the locus and focus of his supporters.

I was going to organise a rally, but couldn't get a hall big enough.

I understand that the Joe Swift supporters are rallying downstairs at McDonalds on the Tottenham Court Road. Cubicle 2.

emmat said...

I love time lapse. Never say I don't.

vineweevil said...

Well Joe Swift may BE a gentleman , but he mangles the English Language like no one else can !!
Given that his mummy is a famous author , and his daddy is a famous actorrr , surely they could have helped out a bit in his pronunciation lessons ? It hurts to listen to him !

Oh , and he sulks , too , whenever anyone disagrees with him . Give me strength!

What we need is good cheer on our beloved Gardener's World , and jolly people who don't rotovate bindweed.
Or sulk when people express concern about it .
Or put silly triangular bits in a perfectly sensible allotment.

I can personally vouch for
"vegplotting's"credentials in all departments .
(But Matthew Wilson is MUCH more my type !!)
Sorry v .