Thursday, 26 June 2008


If you didn't listen to this yet, do it now! 

Fast-forward by dragging the little round button to 21 minutes and then you will get straight to the good bit. 

I missed this first time round as we turned on late and only heard the list of vegetables for growing in a shady garden (how much parsley can one person eat for crying out loud?).

And thank you Garden Monkey whose initial story and further investigative reporting have made all my Gardeners' Question Time dreams come true. Apart from, can you please tell me, I mean really why won't you tell me where you get your soot from? 


VP said...

Psst! Want some of mine love?

big time hot shot soot agent said...

I will tell you where to get soot. For a price. Speak to me later in private.

Arabella Sock said...

I am so miffed! I had been meaning to blog about how annoying GQT is when nobody gives a proper answer without doing some unfunny, guffawful comedy routine first - then the one time it is absolutely hilarious I miss it!!

Anonymous said...

You can listen to it on I thingy , your sockiness.
I did.
The woman is fandabbydozy!