Sunday, 22 June 2008


I just signed up for the Gardener's World email newsletter, and in return got three 20% off discount codes. That means you can buy, mmm, loads more plants. I share them with you, because, well, that's the kind of friends we are. Aren't we?

Crocus 9177
Thompson & Morgan GWD2 GWEM

Happy shopping me loves. 

PS If you are the kind of really honest soul who can't bear to take advantage without signing up yourself, you can do it here. 


The Garden Monkey said...

Me loves?

You gone all rustic all of a sudden ol' girl?

Adam Pasco will be after you.

Anonymous said...

I tried your link but there was an error message.

emmat said...

Well you can use these codes, you don't need to sign up to use them, they are the same for everyone!

Proper Job.

VP said...

I like your style Ms T!