Friday, 27 June 2008


Is this some kind of weird relic that has broken through a wormhole from an Everettian alternative reality somewhere else in the fabric of space and time? When was Gardeners' World presented by a superhero team of Montleberry, Tiny Chris and Rachella d'Amour? 

Anyway it's really good fun to see Berryfields without any plants on it!

PS this doesn't count as Monty Tribute Montage, before you get all snippy about it.


Arabella Sock said...

Oh Emma - call me a sentimental old Sock but that actually bought tears to my eyes. I did note that amongst the problems that lovely little Chris DIDN'T refer to was that of several talented gardeners with their own very distinct ideas, all trying to work together. It was never going to happen was it..

Anonymous said...

Is it my birthday?
No, I'm sure it isn't!
Thank you so much.
All my favourite things.
the proper theme tune
a clip of it being played showing the guitar fingering
Monty and veg
Thank you!

emmat said...

"this is gonna be a very warm garden, a baking garden," perhaps the kind of garden you might like to have a giant overgrown ROSEMARY in perhaps???

Oh sock please don't weep. Now I feel sad too. Gosh, now I'm glad I didn't embed some of the clips of lovely Geoff or there would have been enough sock-hankies to go round.

The Garden Monkey said...

When Monty first took over GW he inherited CB & RdT.

But then CB pissed on his BBC chips by going to do that rubbish garden design challenge thing on Channel 4. It went on forever and spelt the end of gardening on Channel 4

And RdT then decided that being a mother was more important, than GW. Quite right. Although close involvement with Rosehip Syrup has left her with a Rose obsession.

After that it was all downhill.