Friday, 4 July 2008


This week on Slightly Homemade Gardeners' World, we decided to see whether home-grown blooms really do smell better. 

So we tested a selection of English roses and sweet peas against a flacon of Sean "Puff Daddy" Coombs's new fragrance "Unforgivable Woman." 

Our conclusion: All in all, if you want to smell blingily nightclubbish, go for a "puff" of the Puff Daddy. On the other hand, if you want to give off English upper-class classiness, go for the rose and sweet pea combination. Both are in fact surprisingly pongy. 


Coco Chanel said...

Why have you got that perfume? Have you gone mad?

James A-S said...

You should try "Matthieu" the new fragrance from RHS. Fruity, earthy, privetty but completely hypo-allergenic and containing no euphorbia.