Friday, 18 July 2008


You may have read reports this week of my continued attempts to charm Joe into the Gardeners' World hotseat. 

I have tried several kinds of fish-related hexes on Andy Sturgeon, but that just ended up with him presenting the entire programme this week. Sigh. 

I'm not saying I'm as incompetent as some, but my attempts to stymie the career of Toby Buckland definitely aren't working, and I couldn't get anywhere near Cleve's place due to all the garlic. 

So my new tactic is just to concentrate on protecting Joe from the untoward magic of others, using powers granted to me after a long perusal at Chelsea this year of Jekka's Magical Stand. According to Grand Sorceress Jekka, Valerian can definitely deflect evil intentions, but Angelica is generally considered to be the best defence against witchcraft. 

As opposed to Angelina, who I think might actually genuinely be a witch. 

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