Monday, 7 July 2008


It's officially Shed Week! I know because Jamie Theakston and Emma B were going on about it this morning on Heart breakfast show. No, I don't know why I was listening to that. Maybe I was hoping for sentimental reasons to hear some vintage S Club. 

In tribute to everyone involved, especially Alex (whose love I badly want to buy) and Esther (whose crayola shed brings many admiring glances) I would like to present to you my Number 1 Hampton Court shed choice, as backed up by some small boys from a local primary school. 

It's an "Authentic Arctic Shed", so don't go thinking it's just some rubbish from Homebase. They're called "Kotas" by the Sami, who take them down and put them up again a number of times a year. They are also, according to the importers, incredibly warm because of the way they're insulated and due to the central stove. 

Apparently you can seat 16 adults, and sleep six. The small boy standing nearest to me said, "Wow, I could have that as my house." And he was correct. Though I suspect he would technically need his parents' permission. 


Alex said...

I cannot be bought outright but I am available on a long leasehold basis.

Great shed spotting. What did Jamie T and Emma B say? Steve Wright mentioned it today but more as an off the cuff remark.

emmat said...

They went on about it for HOURS and hours. They were getting people to phone in with the weirdest thing anyone had ever done in a shed, it honestly provided about an hour's radio, and they kept going on about shed week like it was roughly as important as Valentines.

Obv I know this is true, but I didn't know JT and EB did too.