Monday, 7 July 2008


I got a message for Fat Rascal. 

Do you know what this is my friend?

Yes. It is the leaf of the Peach Flambé. 

You know, the one it is impossible to buy in France. 


Here's the proof. 

I'm not going to tell you where to get it, though. 

That information is going to remain just out of your reach, good sir.

 I want just one thing from you. 

I want the Swiss-Yorkshire recipe for the rascals, fruited scone or not! Hand it over! 


Fat Rascal said...

Ooooo emmat, you're like a chocolate covered brazil, all sweet and melting on the outside but hard in the centre!

Whereas I may be a bit dry and crumbly but I have my sweet juicy bits. My exact composition has to remain a secret or I'd have to kill you!

PS I'm not a sir by the way, can't you tell from my lipstick?

PPS Swiss-Yorkshire?????? that's a fusion even Masterchef candidates haven't tried!

emmat said...

Sorry about the inadvertent gender reassignment! I should have noticed about the makeup probably.

As I too have my soft side, I will divulge that the heuchera in question wasn't on Solva, but on plantagogo in marquee 3. I nearly just bought one for you, just in case, and then I thought it was probably simpler if the Ole Sock done it when she pitches up on site. Hope this was the right decision.

Fat Rascal said...

I stand corrected, you're a marshmallow! Thank you for the thought!

I hope the Sock has taken the hint, if not it will be on my list for the next UK visit!

(You may have noticed how M&S shares have suffered as I haven't been over for a while!)

Arabella Sock said...

Fat Rascal - the original owners of Betty's were Swiss. Granny Sock worked as a waitress at Betty's for years starting before WW2.

I found the Solva stand which wasn't as big as the whole sweetie shop they had at Tatton. I didn't buy another heuchera because I already had most of the ones they were selling and VP put me off the gingery ones. Sorry doesn't look like I got you the Peach Flambe!

emmat said...

n6ooo!!!! i'm such an idiot! I should have bought it! I wonder if anyone else is going. Plantagogo do mail order... Sigh.

VP said...

Sock! I can't believe you sacrificed the needs of a mate over my load of claptrap - no matter how true it is!

Zoë said...

I can tell you were to buy this far closer to London than Tatton..... I saw it for sale on Monday, alongside some other oddly orange foliage.

Jooles said...

Hi Heucheraholics
Jooles from Solva Plants here.....
Interesting to see that all you saddos spend your life lurking in floral marquees looking for heucheras!!
But you found us!
We have loads of Peach Flambe in stock and lots and lots of others!!

You can have alook at our web site -but itsvery basic at the moment-- but all thats about to change -as we have finally got someone to do it properly---
So watch this space--
You are welcome to come to the nursey at any time-just give us a ring!

we are down in Lymington -New Forest where ponies lurk in bushes-
Dont laeve your heuchs unattended!

Soorry emmat--
You couldnt find what you wanted on our stand and that you ahd to go to Plantagogo!!!!! AGGGGGGGGGGGH!
Dunno what you were looking for --did you ask us??

See you all soon 5 shows left to go
Have fun
Jooles --Solva Plants