Tuesday, 8 July 2008


You say you saw a woman wearing a pink dahlia? Are you sure? Over in what, that direction? Hmm. Which way is the emergency exit?


Arabella Sock said...

I didn't see anyone famous yesterday!!!!!!!! Not even Jekka. And nobody recognised me despite the balaclava and dahlia and various triangular hand signs!

What was the point in going! Grump!

emmat said...

I saw someone famous today, which was Matthew Wilson, and he showed me a photo on his phone which sickened and disgusted me. i thought he was a nice man, but that is not the kind of thing you show a lady during lunch.

Even if according to that Telegraph survey I don't actually qualify as a lady.

aspidistra said...

Was the piccy of his cat or his girlfriend or even worse, both together?

aspidistra said...

Or worse and worryingly, was it a picture of his new best friend, Gordon?

aspidistra said...

Ha! I've finally sussed out what Matters was showing you on his phone, Emma:


emmat said...

Aspidistra, you are right, it was bedroom pussy shots of the very worst kind.

But that slug is disgusting too. Trigonochlamydidae are my worst slug genus of all, actually. They combine in their latin name a perplexing area of maths with an inconvenient sexually transmitted disease, which pretty much sums up slugs as far as I'm concerned.