Friday, 18 July 2008


It's lunchtime so as far as I'm concerned  it's the bloody weekend. 

Well it's nice to know that my Slightly Homemade Gardeners' World isn't the only botch job around our gorgeous earth. I'm pretty happy that my homemade baby just has to facilitate me in my task of compiling some random snippets of gardening "news", rather than having to serve while I cruise the Pacific Ocean trying to evade the coastguard and smuggle several hundred kilos of the fine Columbian down Mexico way.

Speaking of growing your own, Lady Greenthumb found an unexpected crop  in her flowerbed this week. She claims she "has no idea where it could have come from." Her dad also professed to be "mystified." She blames some students who live down the road and who seem to laugh a lot. Hmmmm.....


The Rowdy Students said...

We did not plant it there

emmat said...

You are rowdy, but I'm pretty sure you are not a student. Hmmm.

Zoë said...

sorry Emma, its not forgotten, (although I was hoping it might be LOL) It's just at the bottom of a priority list that includes a moving student son from current house to new house, move student daughter from here to her new house, fitting in her trip to Barcelona too, and buy everything she needs including a bed , TV, pans etc etc etc. Find and purchase iGit a new car (his old one is terminally broken), do some work that actually pays(somehow we have to pay for all this plus the rent for rooms in two houses in Epsom), do the wife thing and ..... well supposedly convalesce from recent surgery!

Suddenly every one wants me! ARGH!

::: runs for hills :::


Zoë x

PS, I meant to ask - would you mind if I put a link to here in my blog roll or are you keeping it off the beaten track?

Arabella Sock said...

My brother used to grow that stuff (for his own use) and then liquidise it in my mum's Kenwood Chef and dry it on plates in (what used to be called) the Sun lounge. When I grassed him up (probably for good reason) Mum was most cross about the sacrilegious use of the Kenwood!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise your brother was a gardener as well?
Talented family
Does he blog?