Thursday, 24 July 2008


Jane Austen lovers, I have a piece in the Times today. About a super 8 film festival. 

What has this to do with our great heroine, I hear you ask?

Hmm. Well for today only, for just 70p you get Claire Tomalin's masterly biography of Jane herself, in that really nice Penguin edition, FREEEE with the paper. HURRAY!!!

I actually forgot I had a piece in the paper - I bought it for the free book and only remembered I had something in there when my sister rang just now, while I was happily eating an egg sandwich and reading about Jane's childhood. 

Meanwhile, in other Jane news, Petworth are doing a Jane Austen Regency Thing this coming weekend, with Redcoats (Lydia will be pleased), archery and smugglers (er, isn't that Daphne Du Maurier?) Regency dancing! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I love egg sanwiches.
Hoever to the point, sort of.
We have just adopted a cat who got herself into trouble at a very young age.
Our friends suggested we call her Britney, as there seem to be a lot of Britney's about now in the same spot of bother.
But, thankyou, maybe we should call her Lydia??
She fits all the characteristics.. perfect

Arabella Sock said...

Last time I went to Petworth was to see Il Divo!! Yes, seriously. It was a couple of years ago and as I remember was based on the fact that I enjoyed them singing 'Unbreak my heart'. We hadn't realised that everybody takes full dining table and chairs with enormous picnic to these things - so we just sat on a hill at the back on our rug with our champagne and strawberries watching mature women chuck their underwear at the singing boys! Actually more interesting was the young couple next to us who spent the entire concert snogging! I did ask the Bedsock if he wanted to snog me but he replied "No, not really!" For some of us the age of romance is sadly dead!

emmat said...

Maybe he just doesn't like kissing in public? My sister always shouts at anyone who kisses in front of her as she thinks it's disgusting, what is she, eight years old?

I love the idea of a cat called Lydia. And a ginormous picnic.

VP said...

Yeah, my man hates kissing in public, so I sneak up from time to time and surprise him. Heh heh heh!

Sadly no freebie booky wook for us out in the sticks. Looks like they aimed it at one particular, well-read part of the country :(

emmat said...

No way! No WAY! that's bizarre! and mean. It's such a good book as well - I started reading it last night and it's as exciting as any book I've ever read - I mean I'm having to force myself not to spend all day reading it...

Arabella Sock said...

Ha ha VP - I sneak up on mine too!

I wish anonymous hadn't mentioned egg sandwiches. I haven't had one for years and now I really crave one!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the One Show tonight?
I missed most of it but it looks as if you can stay at her home in Stevenage - was it Stevenage?
Long time since my o-level!

The Black Finger Nail said...

I have a small book detailing the walks of Jane Austen around these parts, as opposed to the inane ramblings of Jane Austen around these parts, and it turns out she used to walk past my house!

emmat said...

The Claire Tomalin biog continues to be an absolutely amazing book that I imagine anyone interested in 18c life would like, even if they weren't that crazy for Jane. Such good detail - a bit of a sex scandal involving Warren Hastings for example... Makes you completely realise the idea of her being some old spinster who sat at home in Hampshire is just not right. But then... I should have known that from Miss Marple ...

Steventon is the village - but the house at Chawton is the one that's open to the public as a Jane Austen museum. Lovely.