Friday, 11 July 2008


I'm starting the weekend early this week due to general misery. 

I went to Wales yesterday, of which more next week. But I stopped at a service station on the way where I really saw in practice how ineffective so-called "organic" gardening practices can be. 

The service station had carefully designed and planted a stunningly attractive display of  our best winter-interest plants such as pyracantha and berberis as ground-cover. However, forced by fashion and pure whimsy to garden organically, they were unable to keep weeds under control by proper spraying regimes. Consequently, a veritable plague of wild orchids was developing, intruding and completely detracting from the neat greenery. 

You really just have to look at my picture for a moment to see that these awful native weeds are gaining a foothold amongst the delicate ground-cover plants and will soon be returning the whole place to a horrible "natural" look unless we are careful. 

Why, oh why, must we persist with the folly of so-called eco-gardening? 

Anyway, enough of my own personal bugbears. 

This week we are lucky enough to have an interview with Marryella Wristslap, which should be fascinating, and we also have a great round-up of all the TV from Hampton Court. But first, some breaking news from the relatively new yet already completely cut-throat world of car-centred gardening. 


VP said...

Absolutely marvellous - again. I fell asleep during the real thing last night. Absolutely no chance of that happening here :)

Have a great weekend! xx

Arabella Sock said...

I didn't think I had fallen asleep during the real thing but afterwards I had no recall of it all!

Emma, I'm afraid VP is right and you will be doomed to providing us with a homemade Gardeners' World for ever more! So much more entertaining!

emmat said...

Very nice of you both. I actually thought I had gone a bit dark, and coming back today after the all-weekend wedding outing, I realise I was in fact correct.

Maybe the sad news about Madonna and Guy had just got me down.

Absolutely desperate to spend a day in my own garden without it actually raining, too.

Zoë said...

I reckon we should get Jeremy Clarkson & Co. in on a trial at Gardener's World? At least he would have appreciated the Porsche Garden.

James May could do a credible slug impersonation, and we could learn how to cull them organically, and as for the cute Hamster, surely he could launch a campaign to persuade the RHS to allow gnomes at Flower Shows?

No? Oh well.

emmat said...

I'm sure Clarkson and I would see eye-to-eye on so very many things.

VP said...

And we could have lawn mower racing!