Monday, 7 July 2008


  • Peter Seabrook is officially a skip diver. He told an anonymous informant that he'd had "thirteen canes" out of a HCPFS skip earlier in the week and they "already had beans growing up them."
  • Press Day was hit by a typhoon and many exhibitors were left in three inches of water. The culprit was apparently Royal Palaces, who won't let the RHS use the solid marquees from Chelsea cos they don't look nice enough.
  • Cleve West dished the dirt on his problem allotmenteers: they sound like they are from hell. In a bad way. 
  • A certain well-shedded lady is soon to have a blog of her own once more. We rejoice in this news.
  • Helen Yemm seen arriving for the Gala looking extremely lovely, in the company of a handsome gentleman...
  • James A-S has got a Highgrove umbrella. How tippety-top class is that man?
  • Paolo Arrigo of Seeds of Italy proved himself to be a chip off the old block, charming all the ladies in the Growing Tastes Marquee by getting them to "smell" his "soap". Just go and ask. 
  • Rob Brydon took his baby in a push chair, and was reported to be "smaller" than Guerilla Gardener Richard Reynolds "would have thought". He also didn't want to buy a lavender bag. 
  • The fairy tale image that heads this post is the Forest Squared, in Conceptual gardens. 
  • I am listening to Snoop Dogg 10 Lil Crips, it's the only way to recover. 


VP said...

Hurrah - I know we could count on you!

VP said...

I snuggled up in the dry to watch the preview on the telly only to see the guy I sit opposite at the National Trust judging the conceptual gardens.

Hope you've dried out a bit by now!

emmat said...

You wot? No way!? I am going to have to get the old I Player up now and watch that. At the moment I am (HONEST TO GOD) listening to "I can see clearly now the rain has gone"

Zoë said...

My old graphics tutor is one of the head honcho judges here and Chelsea.

emmat said...

between us I'm pretty sure we could nobble the jury.

VP said...

Looks like we'll have to - the Travellers garden is my favourite so far.

I may be biased though - Sharon Allen and I used to troll out the 'Is there anybody there?' line at the start of every poetry lesson at school. In the style of Harry Worth for those of you old enough to remember.