Friday, 11 July 2008


Well, the BBC surpassed themselves with the TV coverage last night. 

Garden Monkey wins their own bet by predicting that Rachella would mention building a garden at Chelsea and how hard it was. (Though if GM works for the Beeb, the little monkey could just possibly have cheated on that one.) Fast forward to 22:06.

All those children who won't eat parsnips need a slap.

Loveable Joe Swift looks skinny to me - has all that weeding taken it out of him? 

That tree of ears in the Windex garden takes me back to Nam. And not in a good way. The horror.

Joe calls Porsche garden "a one-trick pony." Ha ha. 

Chris strokes his ball. "Looking into the future... I see... Nooooo!!!!! Joe Swift in charge at Berryfields!"

Joe and Yellow Riding Hood rightfully confronted the silver-giltiness of the Traveller's Garden. Rachella was miffed. So were me, Veep and Zoe. 

Dougie Howser  SGD, I think I can live without. Although he was quite funny when RdT sent him shopping.  

Darce went off to France, and managed to find a wood pile even taller than himself, which I think is going some. I actually really want that woodpile. I wonder if I could build that at the end of my garden. And if I used oak, could I get more stag beetles? Sorry, I'm talking to myself now. 

Back on track:
The head of Chaumont said some stuff in French. 
                           "Chaumont n'est pas déliberamment provocateur."

translation: At Chaumont we would never deliberately wear lacy underwear. 

She clarified later: We are French, we just do that kind of thing instinctively.

They sent Beardie out to get some ideas. I wasn't that impressed. I did get one good idea from the TV coverage, though:



Reluctant Wilsonite said...

ha ha ha Joe's bromeliad hair! Why does he do things like that? I think he is great because he is so enthusiastic about talking to nursery people etc, but his high jinks let him down.

Arabella Sock said...

When that French woman mentioned the underwear do you think she realised Darce was holding himself in with a corset?

Fat Rascal said...

French women definitely wear adventurous briefs but they don't eat parsnips. (two more good reasons for slapping them)

I was helping my nephew with his French homework which was about his favourite veg. He asked me what parsnip was in French and I didn't know as I'd never seen one here. I think we went for petit pois.

(parsnip is "panais" -I did look it up afterwards!)

emmat said...

but then I think French people make jerusalem artichoke stand in for all the recipes where we'd use parsnip - like quite thick soups and stuff. Topinambour! I didn't even have to look that one up!!!

Crusty Bedsocks said...

Loving the whole Darce thing - especially now that it's offical! Although I would like to know if Darce approves of being called Darce.....Emma??????