Sunday, 13 July 2008


I got really excited about an hour ago because I heard the Mail (bless their beloved Marquee) were giving away Pride and Prejudice on DVD, with part 2 to follow tomorrow! 

I drove around endless corner shops and petrol stations and finally got my hands on a copy of the precious paper. However, on getting back into the car, I suddenly noticed that today's giveaway was not a glorious Darcyfest but was actually Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits.* 

I couldn't have felt any more cheated about this. Bitterness and bile had spread throughout my entire worldview. 

In a blue fug I put on my newly acquired and totally unwanted Manilow CD and slowly... 

felt strangely cheered.

 Mandy. Copacabana. Bermuda Triangle.

I feel these songs bring me a keen reminder that this blog has recently lost its way. 

We were founded to follow one cause, one leader. 

But recently, - and I admit the fault is entirely mine - we have been distracted by a morass of technical issues to do with incipient general Wilsonism. 

I have just one thing to say. 

I never realised how happy you made me. You came and you gave without taking. But I sent you away. I need you today. Oh Joe.  

We have been lost in a Baklava Triangle of our own making. but from today, with the help of this beautiful unexpected music, we are back on course.**

*Pride and Prejudice was yesterday, dammit. Sheesh. 
**Though I might still buy part 2 of P&P tomorrow.


Darcy fan 08 said...

Don't be too gutted. Pemberley isn't until Volume Two, and you still have the wet shirt episode to look forward to.

emmat said...

I'm more gutted about the fact that I've given Send Back A Pole an unnecessary one pound fifty, but thank you for those kind words of consolation.

Zoë said...

Thanks for the link. Daily Mail is a rag, Sun is worse, and as for the Express, I don't know how they get away with printing some of it.

I don't read a paper on a regular basis, tend to use t'internet, though will admit to indulging in the Sunday Times and the Sunday Independent (and occasionally the Observer)if the supplements have articles of interest.

Still love their Pavilion though.