Friday, 4 July 2008


It's Friday, so it must be cocktail time! And canapé time into the bargain. But I'm sorry, it's not gruyere ball time, or teeny vol-au-vent time, or smoked salmon blini time either.  It's good old-fashioned cheesy pineapple sticks, all round! 

Then when you are nursing a nice morning-after feeling tomorrow you can get on with the serious bromeliadic business of rooting that top. See! It's the most sustainable canapé ever! 
(Er, what did you just say, Del Monte?)


Alex said...

Are them chocolate buttons on the cake? Looks nice.

VP said...

Can we have sausages on sticks as well please?

emmat said...

it's an organic vegan steiner gingerbread house. I think it tasted a bit weird because a sweet little girl had made it for me and I couldn't bear to eat it at actual Christmas so sadly it wasn't till my birthday in March that I actually tucked in.

Ha ha - i just remembered you know when my birthday is because you are like exactly two days older than me or something! Perhaps we should start planning some sort of classy shed-related 40th party right now.

Definitely with sausages on sticks.