Friday, 18 July 2008


Now I know I said last week I was against cut flowers as a rule, but honestly, not if Stevie tells me to send them. 

In the last few days I've been listening again to me and my sister's favourite album of 1979, Stevie Wonder's Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants. 

I had completely forgotten, or maybe never known, that this album was a soundtrack to a documentary about the weirdness of plants. (Featuring hours and hours of timelapse, my absolute favourite thing in the whole world.) Relive the last dying breath of the seventies, right now! The whole thing is available to watch at the marvellous carnival fairground sideshow that is Youtube.  


Alex said...

Hooray, the time lapses are back! These are a bit Swift though aren't they?

But with my evil Matrix hat on, I want to know is why that lovely pool pavilion post was censored?

emmat said...

what do you mean censored? do you mean when i idiotically posted it yesterday and then didn't realise and then had to withdraw it? Look in that case, it was censored because I'm a fool who can't actually work Blogger.

it's there now though!!!!

You are shedcrazy

Alex said...

Nice. Mentioned it today on Around The Shedworld so expect your servers to crash and burn any second. Look, is that smoke coming off them now...?